Costs Associated With Termination for Default Clause

Under what authority can the contracting officer terminate a contract for default or cause? When assessing costs associated with the Termination for Default Clause, you must first understand the government’s rights. Under government contracts law, if your contract contains the Default clause at 52.249-8, the Government has the right, subject to… Read more »

Contract Disputes Act COFC & Boards Appellate Jurisdiction

Certification and Appeals Requirements When reviewing the Contract Disputes Act certification requirements for litigation and appeals, a costly mistake made by government contractors is to submit a claim against the government but do not follow the claim certification requirements of the Act. Another mistake is to file a government contract… Read more »

FAR 15.306 Meaningful Discussions and GAO Protest Rules

Contractors often have questions about meaningful discussions under FAR 15.306 in the agency source selection process. With many GAO bid protests being filed for lack of meaningful discussions between the Government and offerors, it is important to understand the rules.   Meaningful discussions have been seen consistently in GAO protest… Read more »

EEOC Hostile Work Environment Colorado & Workplace Harassment Defense

The EEOC hostile work environment laws are frequently misinterpreted and misconstrued. A hostile work environment goes beyond the grumpy boss and disgruntled employees. As employers, understanding the basics can save hundreds of thousands in litigation and harsh jury verdicts Moreover, a hostile work environment is not a stand-alone claim. As explained… Read more »

Contract Disputes –Government and Business

A contract dispute may come in varying shapes and sizes.  Whether you are a Government contractor or a Small Business, contracts dispute can take a toll on your work and ultimately cost you money.  While the best option is to have an attorney draft or review any contract before signing,… Read more »

Covenant Not to Compete Definition & Colorado Non Compete Agreement

Non compete agreement clause definition, restrictive covenants, or a covenant not to compete in Colorado is a contract by the restricted party (e.g. an employee) not to engage in business activity that is in competition with the other, protected party (e.g. an employer).  The Colorado Non compete Statute can be mere restrictive covenants provision… Read more »

Material Breach of Contract Definition

Meeting the Material Breach Definition is Essential to Winning Your Case The material breach of contract definition is one that goes directly to the crust of the agreement. When there is a dispute, then it not the time to claim that the alleged breach was material to the agreement. This… Read more »