Filing or Intervening SBA Small Business Size Protests

Oftentimes government contractors may want to file SBA size standards protest because they have reason to believe that the awardee does not meet the definition of a small business. However, given the short deadlines, companies have a difficult time explaining why the competitor is not a small business. This procedural requirement that… Read more »

SBA Small Business Size Protest Family Relationship & Identity of Interest

Often times, small businesses enter into family relationships that can impact the SBA Size standards application. When competitors challenge a government contract award in an SBA small business size protest, the analysis will usually be conducted under an Identity of Interest and family relationship basis. Companies that do not understand these rules… Read more »

SBA Small Business Size Standard and Size Protest Requirements

According to the SBA small business size protest requirements, filing a challenge against your competitor must be approached with caution. Many small businesses lose out on the potential to recapture substantial amounts of government contract revenues due to lack of understanding of the small business size protest rules. If you file… Read more »

Newly Organized Concern Rule & Affiliation Small Business Size Protests

Under the Newly Organized Concern Rule, when filing or defending an SBA Small Business Size Protest, government contractors must be aware of the nuances and landmines awaiting them. The newly organized concern rule consists of four required elements:   (1) the former officers, directors, principal stockholders, managing members, or key… Read more »

SBA Small Business Size Protest Process SBA Form 355

What happens after SBA receives a small business size standard protest or request for a formal size determination? Knowing the key points of a size protest can help a company to be responsive and not lose out a  possible victory by failing to adequately complete the SBA Form 355 or… Read more »

Tips on How to Avoid SBA Small Business Size Protests

An SBA size protest occurs when your competition challenges your small business size standard after award of a government contract. There are a few things that small business can do to avoid an SBA size protest. They include: Making sure that teaming  partners or subcontractor does not perform the primary… Read more »