Be Mindful of a Proposal Writing Services That Cannot Explain Procurement Rules.

When it comes to writing proposal responses for federal bids, choosing the right proposal writing services can be challenging.  However,  when interviewing a new company for your government Best Ways to Choose a Proposal Writing Serviceproposal writing services there are a few things you might want to consider.

How much does the company know about source selection regulations?

This is a valid question simply because many companies that offer proposal writing services are not familiar with procurement and being able to write your RFP response to satisfy the evaluation criteria as set forth in the solicitation.  Knowing the rules about assessing technical strengths and how government contracting agencies apply their best value and trade-off decisions can be helpful when writing a government contract proposal. A company that offers government proposal writing services should be able to discuss:

How well can the proposal writing service company explain their approach to either a negotiated procurement or a lowest price technically acceptable solicitation? Virtually all government contracting agencies utilized either of the two techniques to evaluate proposals.  Not knowing the differing approaches can quickly put your bid in jeopardy.

Does the company boast about success rates? Typically success rates for proposal writing service can be relevant. However, a caveat to relying on success rates can be misleading. For example, a 100% success rate could be based on other technical capabilities that are not the same as your current effort. Furthermore, success rates could be based on sealed bids or LPTA proposals where your current federal bid could be a negotiated procurement.

Instead of relying upon misleading success / win rates, having proposal writing service companies explain how it would approach the various aspects of the current proposal would a more safe bet.

Get Your People Trained

The most cost-effective approach is to get the proper proposal writing training for your staff. No one knows your company better than your staff does. The investment of getting government proposal writing training classes for your personnel far outweigh the mistakes made when hiring a proposal writer that does not understand the bidding rules.

Past performance evaluations;

Best value and trade-off approaches;

Using teaming agreements and avoid SBA affiliation;

Technical proposal writing approaches and how to show a thorough understanding of the requirements; and

Limitation on subcontracting and small business subcontracting plans.

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