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Getting federal government contracts for small business firms is a tough task for both large and small businesses across the United States. However, by reviewing the various best practices and studying the publicized GAO protest decisions, there are some of the best small business development ideas for getting federal government contracts have evolved over time.

They may seem basic to many companies. However, the data still shows that the following points are among the leading best ideas for small businesses to follow:

Find the best business opportunities:  The federal government solicits thousands of bids each year for services and products. One of the best approaches to developing government contract business ideas and getting federal government contracts is to find business opportunities that meet your core competency.

NAICS codes are very broad and cover a vast amount of federal work. Finding your true niche is essential. You want to actually read the overall statement of work. If it truly falls within your core competency then proceed to give some real thought to the proposal writing and submission process.

Knowing the buying habits of your potential government client:  Knowing how to get small business government contracts, like any commercial practice, means studying your client’s buying habits. This could mean evaluating whether the agency typically sole source your type of service, uses GSA Schedules or some other procurement vehicle. This idea develops best practices for your marketing and business development efforts.

Take advantage of the government’s set aside for small business opportunities: This seems quite obvious. However, statistics show that 38% of small businesses still take chances with unrestricted government contract RFPs. By only competing against other small businesses that have government contracts, instead of against large businesses, you stand a better chance of getting evaluated against peer small businesses. Learn more about government programs to help small businesses.

Small Business Government Contracts — Best Ideas During the Proposal Writing Stage

Take a serious look at your past performance record:  One of the best procurement business ideas for getting US government contracts for small businesses is to understand the importance of past performance ratings.  Many companies often believe that they can self-perform a larger project. However, they know that their past performance is lacking. Instead of taking chances with getting government contracts, you want to seriously consider building a relationship with an experienced teaming partner/subcontractor. This is considered, one of the first steps to take when deciding how to get government contracts for small business companies.

The general rule is that federal contracting agencies give past performance credit to teaming partners and named subcontractors during the proposal evaluation stage. Using a teaming partner can improve your past performance evaluation scores and lead to more awards of government contracts. See information about government contract bundling.

Do you have a government contracting business for sale?

Call us to see how we can help you. There may be issues with novation requirements and violation of the anti-assignment clause when you have a government contractor business for sale. We help buyers and sellers to conduct various inquiries to make sure that the buy sell transition is smooth and has the buying of the contracting officer. There are many hidden legal issues to cover when you are buying or selling a government contracting business. They include:  

• Understanding the FAR requirements and local government regulations  

• The due diligence processes required to review contracts, background checks, etc. 

• Reviewing all existing contracts before the sale and determining the liability of obligations  

• Understanding the complexities of the Anti-Assignment Clause 

At Watson & Associates, LLC we have experienced professionals to help you navigate the sale or acquisition of a government contracting business. We do our due diligence to make sure that contracts are in good standing and that any liabilities from past contracts, as well as future obligations, are addressed before closing. Whether you are buying or selling, contact us today for more information about how we can help with your government contracting business.

Make sure that your proposal writing strategies lead to competitive government bids:  Everyone knows that the key to getting federal government small business contracts is to submit a competitive proposal. However, the data shows that many small businesses struggle with writing strong technical proposals or fall short of meeting the solicitation’s source selection evaluation criteria. 

Understanding how the federal government evaluates your contract proposal and the rules that source selection teams must follow puts your business in a better position to write a winning proposal.  This critical element can substantially improve small business ideas and propel success in getting government contracts. Get information about Tips for HUBZone Certification Requirements.

Responding to the minimum solicitation requirements generally does not lead to a contract award. Knowing how to write a proposal that focuses on how to get more technical strengths is one of the proven best small business contract ideas for getting government small business contracts.

GAO protests show that bidders typically beat the competition by writing a superior technical proposal. Simply writing to the basic solicitation requirements may save you from being eliminated. However, more technical strengths ultimately get the award. Find out more about protesting government contract awards.

The above are only a few of the best procurement business ideas for how to get a government contract for small businesses. See also Small Business Set Aside Bid Protests.

For additional questions, or if you have a government contracting business for sale, use our government relations services and consulting, call Watson & Associates, LLC for more government small business contract ideas at 1-866-601-5518. We offer a FREE Initial Consultation.

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