Government Contractor Fraud – Does Indictment MeanJail Time?

Many government contractors ask the question, does indictment mean jail time. The answer is No, a federal indictment by a grand jury only starts the official process of determining whether you are guilty. A defendant may also resolve a case by pleading guilty and admitting to their crimes. But defendants… Read more »

Penalty for False Claims Act Violations

 Government Contractors’ Penalty for False Claims Act Violation: Navigating Government Investigations and Understanding the Impacts of Civil and Criminal Liability Government contractors play a crucial role in the provision of goods and services to federal agencies. However, with the privilege of working with the government comes the responsibility to uphold… Read more »

What is TAA Compliance?

Theodore P. Watson. In the world of government contracting, Trade Agreements Act TAA compliance is of utmost importance. Understanding the requirements, implications, and potential penalties of TAA non-compliance is crucial for businesses seeking to participate in government contracts.  Recent high-value settlements have highlighted the significant liability that medical device manufacturers… Read more »

Are You TAA Compliant?

Understanding TAA Compliance Requirements and Implications Theodore P. Watson. In the world of government contracting and procurement, TAA compliance plays a crucial role. To engage in business with the U.S. government, understanding what it means to be TAA compliant is essential. This article will delve into the various aspects of… Read more »

What is the Average Sentence for White Collar Crime?

By Understanding the  Average Sentence for White Collar Crime Your Exposure and Criminal Liability – Only Then Can Government Contractors and HealthCare Defendants Hire the Right DEFENSE Attorneys. White collar crimes are non-violent Offenses typically committed by individuals in positions of power or influence within the corporate or financial sector…. Read more »