Ten Commandments of Government Contract Bid Proposal Writing

Overlooking These Basic Commandments Can Cost You An Award Protest decisions continue to show that companies are losing contracts simply because they overlook these basic ten commandments of Government proposal writing. It’s important to note that Federal source selection teams take a very detailed approach when evaluating your proposal. By taking a moment… Read more »

Response to Request for Proposal & Government RFPs

When the federal government advertises its Request for Proposal (RFP), it then looks for competitive responses. Anything short of a compliant and persuasive response will not be considered for an award. Many contractors have not mastered the art of correctly responding to a Government Request for Proposal. Therefore, they continue… Read more »

How to Write a Proposal For the Government

Develop Simple Proposal Response Strategies That Actually Work Writing contract RFP responses and knowing how to write a proposal for federal contracts requires a careful approach because you have to balance the sales aspect with the regulatory aspects. As compared to the commercial sector, writing contract RFP responses for federal procurement is a different… Read more »

Good Proposal Ideas For Government Contracts

When you find a federal Request for Proposal that you believe that you can perform, you also want to develop good proposal ideas that can reduce the government’s risk, and can also offer additional value. The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) does not give a checklist of suggestions to create additional value. The burden… Read more »

Government Small Business Subcontracting Plan Requirements & Proposals

Overcoming Government Contractor Release of Claims Hurdles

It is common practice in federal government proposal writing process for you to submit small business subcontracting plan requirements or, in the most recent cases, small business participation plans. The question is how do you write one that withstands bid protest scrutiny or gets higher scores than your competition? Many businesses… Read more »

How to Create a Proposal Outline for Government RFPs

Avoid Costly Mistakes When Learning How to Create a Proposal Outline For Government Contract RFPs  When learning how to create a proposal / RFP outline for federal contract bids, you have most likely heard of other companies that are eliminated from the competition. Typically, you should develop a  format and proposal outline that… Read more »

Innovative and Competitive RFP Contract Proposal Cover Letters

Avoid Templated Proposal Cover Letter To the Federal Government Companies tend to minimize the impact of writing a meaningful proposal cover letter when bidding on government contracts. As a result, the source selection team does not feel the excitement  in wanting to find out more about what you have to… Read more »

Government Soliciation & RFP Response Tips

The government seeks appealing competition when it rates your response to RFP’s.  Many small businesses find it difficult to keep up a competitive edge. However, this hurdle can be eliminated by doing some basic things. This article will give you some rfp response tips. Reading the Solicitation from beginning to… Read more »

Marketing to the Government

Knowing how to market to the government can be a cumbersome task. Government contractors with commercial revenue lose upwards to 35% of potential income because of the wrong marketing strategy. Government contracting is by far the most lucrative source of revenue for small businesses across the United States. However, when it… Read more »