Basics of Small Business SDVOSB Fraud in Government Contracts

The focus on SDVOSB fraud in government contracting has significantly increased over the last five years. Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned small businesses find themselves facing criminal conspiracy charges while also submitting false claims in an effort to defraud the government and ultimately obtain SDVOSB set-aside contracts with the VA or other government… Read more »

CEO Decision to Respond To Federal Government Investigations

When you or your company has been targeted as part of a federal investigation, your life and business operations as you know it can change significantly. If you are a government contractor subject to criminal charges or investigated for violation of the False Claims Act, kickbacks, SBA Fraud or some… Read more »

Government Procurement Fraud & Avoiding Criminal Liability

Theodore P. Watson, Esq.(Government Contract Fraud Attorney)  Government procurement fraud with any federal contract can create a nightmare for company owners and even their employees. There are several procuring agencies that must guard taxpayer dollars and make sure that the buying process and the performance of contracts are all done… Read more »

Ten Commandments to Avoid Contractor Suspension and Debarment

When it comes to suspension and debarment from government contracts, companies should follow the basic ten commandments to reduce an adverse decision when responding to a proposed suspension debarment notice. Show That Your Company is a Responsible Government Contractor When responding to contractor debarment and suspension notices, the critical point… Read more »

Hiring Contractor Fraud Attorneys and Criminal Defense Lawyers

Government Contractor Fraud Civil or Criminal Without Experience with Procurement Regulations, and Federal Procurement Law, Your Criminal Case Could be in Jeopardy. We Work With Local Criminal Defense Attorneys in All States to Gain an Advantage in Complex and Tricky Procurement Laws that Federal Prosecutors Bet on Your Attorneys Not… Read more »