Drafting a contract termination letter starts with the basis for the termination and making sure that the underlying reason for the letter does not breach the contract. This section deals primarily with when you receive a contract termination letter from the federal government. This can be for a termination for convenience or termination for default.

The decision to terminate a Contract Termination Letter Drafting and Receivingcontract can arise from several situations that include: employment terminations, breach of contract situations, terminating services, construction performance and other contractual obligations.

Drafting the Contract Termination Letter

If you are the one drafting the termination letter, you should use your company letterhead only if it is the real party to the contract. Although contract terminations are not pleasant, you always want to keep a professional tone to your letters.

Prime contractor and seeking to terminate a subcontractor: Your breach of contract termination letter should definitely refer to the termination clause of the contract itself. This lets the other party know the legal basis for the termination. Another point to consider is that you should also point out facts leading up to your decision to terminate. This can be extremely critical when the other side does not agree and then initiates litigation.

Allowance for Cure: In the event of a breach, and before actually issuing a termination of contract letter it is also good practice to give the other side an opportunity to cure the problem. Not only does it minimize litigation cost but it also allows each party to get what they each contracted for.

  • If you send out a breach of contract termination letter, you should also state your expectations in clear language. In the event of a cure notice, you may want to tell the other side when you expect any corrections to be made. Then you may warn them that if the terms as not complied with by a certain time stated, then you would be issuing a termination of contract letter on a specified date.
  • A termination letter should allow the other side to clarify any of your misstated facts.
  • You should never threaten the other side with litigation without giving them a chance to clarify.
  • Facts are Important
  • Keep Communications in Writing

Reply to termination of contract letter in Government Contracts

As compared to commercial contracts, contractors are usually the ones that could receive a contract termination letter from the federal government. The Federal Acquisition Regulation allows the agency to unilaterally terminate a contract for convenience. The contracting officer will usually issue a termination for convenience letter.

When a business fails to comply with the terms of the contract, the government may decide to terminate the contract for default. This is a more serious offense. Companies must be very careful when responding to or drafting a reply to notice of termination of contract.

Termination for Convenience Letter: Under the convenience clause, the government will send out a contract termination letter that spells out your obligations and provides instruction on moving forward.

Termination for Default Letter or government breach of contract termination letter:  This type of termination of contract letter is not so pleasant, Here, the agency is, in essence launching an adverse attack on your performance and can often seek damages from you.

Typically, you would be already aware of this because you would have received a cure letter. The contracting officer would have provided you with a short time to cure the problem.

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