Civilian Board of Contract Appeals CDA Claims 41 USC 7101 – 7109

Choosing the right forum and framing your appeals case correctly can save you thousands in unnecessary litigation costs. When a contracting officer denies a claim under the Contract Disputes Act, filing an appeal to the Civilian Board of Contract Appeals (CBCA) would be the next step. Not all claims appeal cases against… Read more »

Contracting Officer Authority in CDA Claims

When submitting contractor claims to the federal government, businesses should be aware of the Contracting Officer authority to issue a final decision. 48 CFR 1.603 suggests that although the CO is appointed on a Standard Form  1402. Any limitations on the Contracting Officer authority must be stated on the form… Read more »

FAR Flowdown Clauses in Federal Government Contracts

Are you a large business or small business government contractor struggling to navigate the complexities of FAR. flow down clauses in Federal Government contract. Are you worried about legal trouble, including criminal charges, if you don’t understand how Christian Doctrine contracting applies? Our legal services are here to assist you… Read more »