Putting together a Proposal Red Team review panel for final RFP review makes or breaks your success of winning. You must have the right mix of team members because you want to direct focusFederal Red Team Proposal Review -- Must Dos on the result and not conflict among personalities.

The key to any government proposal review is to first make sure that your proposal development efforts have complied with the initial company mandates and goals. Once this is complete, you should have one member that has the last word. Otherwise, you will have nothing but chaos.

Set goals for the members of your proposal team reviews panel: Make sure that your goals are aligned with what the federal government is looking for and not what you think it should be looking for.  This is a big mistake made in many bid writing efforts.

Split your evaluation team into at most four groups. Your red team proposal review members should at least be looking at:

  1. Compliance with technical approach and any subfactors. The detail on the HOW’s WHO’s and WHEN’s will be critical to winning your government contract.
  2. Complete editing review. Failure to carry out this aspect of your proposal writing efforts will ruin your credibility with the government
  3. Pricing and calculations: Your government proposal team reviews panel (Red Team review) must meticulously review all costs and pricing data for consistency, accuracy and compliance with the solicitation. Mistakes in pricing can get you thrown out of the competitive range or cost you the award.
  4. Final Technical Review: Government proposal team reviews should have one last technical proposal review. This aspect of your bid is to get high attention from the agency and should have at least two levels of review. You want to make sure that your key personnel resumes show the experience needed; you want to make sure that you have given great detail on how you will perform each aspect of the statement of work; you want to discuss any foreseeable risk and how you will overcome them.  Find out information about Native American Government Contracts.

Does Your Red Team Review  Members Have The Right Personalities?

As a CEO, make sure that your government proposal team reviews include the right mix of people. Oftentimes, the team focuses on their personal style or preference and not the RFP contents. This creates a waste of valuable time and resources. This but one reason why initial proposal development and proposal management are critical.

  • Always make sure that your proposal manager can take charge and make the right decisions
  • Make sure that your  team understands the importance of safeguarding your proprietary information
  • make sure that your team has the requisite proposal writing training to get your essential result

In addition to taking the above approaches, your review should include your proposal manager, counsel (you should have a lawyer that understands government contracts). After all, reviews are complete, your experts should all sit together and perform your red team proposal review one last time before submission.

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