How to Get Federal Government ContractsMany commercial businesses are revisiting business initiatives to generate more revenues. When it comes to learning how to get Federal Government contracts, some companies have thought about doing business with the federal government but dismiss the idea simply because they have no government contract training, have heard horror stories about federal contracts, or some other reason.

Despite reduced government spending, getting federal government contracts is still the bread and butter of both large and small businesses throughout the United States. Although doing business with the federal government has become more competitive, federal procurement is still alive and well.


Companies only have to register at In addition, companies have to make required certifications as to the business size.

What Does the Federal Government Contract For?

The government purchases just about anything sold in the commercial market. Most types of products and services are procured. A diligent government contract consultant would know how to do his or her homework to give you solid data on whether the government has bought, or intends to buy your product or services. This is a necessary element when deciding how to get government contracts and doing business with the federal government. 

  • It is only at this juncture that you should make a business decision to venture into government contracts.

What is The Overall Benefit of Doing Business With the Federal Government in 2015?

Congress budgets money for planned federal projects. By considering whether or not to get federal government contracts, doing so can create a balance between commercial competition and establishing a steadier stream, of revenue for your business. There is no dispute that the federal government purchases substantial amounts of services and supplies from the commercial marketplace.

What are the Chances of Getting Government Contracts?

Our government contract attorneys and consultants get this question almost every day. Learning how to get government contracts is quite simple. However, if you are seriously considering going after large dollar contracts, it should become part of your business plan to budget for consulting services from firms that thoroughly understand the federal procurement process.

More specifically, looking for qualified teaming partners, and knowing how to respond to Requests for Proposals are key aspects of increasing the probability of a federal contract award. You simply cannot market to the federal government in the same fashion as you do in the commercial sector.

  • You must know how “to play the game” when doing business with the federal government.  
  • Federal contracting is a very lucrative business.

Is Learning How to Get Government Contracts Limited to Your State?

There is a huge debate among federal government contracting agencies on this topic. The politically correct answer is generally NO.

Federal contracting is a federal program and not a state program. The facts show that government contractors from one state have been awarded government projects in totally new states. Prudent government contract lawyers should look at the constitutionality of favoring in-state companies versus out-of-state contractors with no compelling reason.

Many government agencies and SBA offices create policies that you can only apply for work within your particular state. This has yet to be seriously challenged. Other government proposals will state that bidders must possess a certain state license to bid on the particular federal contract. Read about best small business ideas for getting federal government contracts.

These strategies at some point will be challenged successfully. While it is true that small businesses must use the SBA Office in their specific region, this is a far cry from saying that you must only look at contracts within that specific state.

If you need information on how to get federal government contracts to create more revenue for your business, call our government contract consultants at 1-866-601-5518.

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