Internal corporate investigations allow you to conduct a self-assessment of managers, supervisors, and your Internal Corporate Investigations lawyersemployees to comply with state and federal laws in addition to your internal policies and controls.

When you conduct internal corporate investigations, you should be looking to gather facts so if the Department of Justice (DOJ), Security Exchange Commission (SEC) or another agency wants to investigate you, then investigator can make a fair determination about what happened and whether a violation occurred.

OIG is Active in Corporate Investigations: In its January 6, 2014 Semiannual Report to Congress, the office of Inspector General (OIG) stated that it “completed many more important audits and reviews covering many Department operations and programs.”

For corporations involved in federal government contracts, this is especially true in suspension and debarment cases. For medium-sized or large companies, you should be especially cognizant of allegations of employment discrimination or other employment law concerns. These are also situations where you might want to conduct internal corporate investigations.

Trends are showing that corporations are now left to conduct their own internal business corporate investigations. State and Federal Government agencies are increasing corporate investigations nationwide. For example according to a Washington Post article, the U.S. government is stepping up investigations of corporations suspected of paying bribes overseas.  This is especially true for the Department of Justice and the Security Exchange Commission.

Conduct Routine Internal Corporate Investigations

Both small businesses and large corporations simply have to implement internal controls and policies, and conduct internal corporate investigations on a routine basis. They should not wait until the DOJ or SEC comes knocking on their doors.

As the U.S. government steps up investigations of companies suspected of paying bribes overseas, law enforcement officials are leaving much of the detective work to the very corporations under suspicion.


DOJ Conducting Corporate Investigations

The following show clear examples of how the federal government is cracking down on corporations and launching nationwide corporate investigations.

Former Federal Agent Charged with Embezzlement and Thirty Counts of Making False Statements, November 21, 2013

Correctional Institution Employee Sentenced on Bribery Related Offense, December 20, 2013

Seminole, Oklahoma Resident Sentenced for Committing Federal Program Theft, December 19, 2013

Former FBI Special Agent Pleads Guilty to Illegal Cash Deposits, December 17, 2013

Former FBI Assistant Director Who Violated Federal Criminal Ethics Law is Fined, December 17, 2013

Two Florida Residents Sentenced on Bribery Charges, November 25, 2013

Get Professional Help With Internal Corporate Investigations

If you are a medium-sized company, a large corporation, or federal government contractor, you want to seriously consider developing periodic corporate internal investigations. Contact our federal investigation lawyers at 1-866-601-5518. Free Initial Consultation.

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