Your company would like to broaden its horizons and deepen its corporate contracts by venturing into the government contracts arena through 8a certification with the Small Business Administration (SBA).  Great.  But, before you do, make sure the company is prepared to meet the rigorous SBA 8a certification requirements. court of federal claims bid protest lawyers Section 8(a) Certification Program provides important limitations on employee salaries, managerial responsibilities, and ownership rights, e.g. stock shares (if a corporation) or ownership percentages (whether members of an LLC or partners within a partnership). While a traditional corporate attorney can review employment contracts and corporate structure, such an attorney will not understand why these contracts are important in anticipation of an SBA 8 (a) application and how to structure such agreements and business operations to avoid dismissal by the SBA when applying for an SBA 8(a) certification down the road.

Hire Attorneys That Understand The SBA 8(a) Certification Program

Government contracting that includes SBA 8(a) certification nuances is a niche area and involves an array of uniquely applicable rules and regulations.  Not only can a government contracts attorneys draft and analyze the intellectual property, managerial, ownership structure and other clauses of operating agreements, partnership agreements, and employment contracts, but a government contracts attorney will have the foresight to draft these provisions and structure your company in such as way so as not to trip Section 8(a) provisions thereby opening the lucrative door of government contracts for your company. To discuss your corporate structure or develop your employment contracts in anticipation of obtaining SBA 8(a) certification with a Government Contracts Attorney, contact us online or call the law firm of Watson & Associates toll free at (866) 601-5518 or 202-827-9750. Click here for further information on SBA 8(a) certification process.

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