Suspension and Debarments – Basic Information

What is the Purpose of Suspension and Debarment Actions? The suspension and debarment process is set in place to protect the government from fraud, waste, and abuse in Federal procurement and other non-government contract programs. Suspension and debarment of government contractors or individuals exclude the person or company from doing… Read more »

Ten Commandments to Avoid Contractor Suspension and Debarment

When it comes to suspension and debarment from government contracts, companies should follow the basic ten commandments to reduce an adverse decision when responding to a proposed suspension debarment notice. Show That Your Company is a Responsible Government Contractor When responding to contractor debarment and suspension notices, the critical point… Read more »

Defending and Responding to Contractor Suspension and Debarment

Having received the government suspension or debarment notice, you have to seriously consider your company’s approach to defending and responding to the agency’s recommendation to the deciding office. Contractor actions are serious business and having the right response can save your company’s future. Defending and Responding — Initial Approach Your… Read more »

Suspension and Debarment of Government Contractors

Procurement suspension and debarment of government contractors come into play when you do not comply with the terms and conditions of your contract. Not all companies understand what has to be done to overcome agency referrals for suspension or debarment or how to meet the preponderance of the evidence standard… Read more »

Difference Between Suspension and Debarment

The federal government’s oversight of contract compliance and other factors leading to the suspension and debarment of government contractors have increased dramatically over the past few years. Staying off the debarment list means knowing what gets you into trouble and what being a responsible contractor means. Suspension and Debarment actions… Read more »

Federal Suspension and Debarment Appeals

Do You Know the Next Steps for Your Suspension and Debarment Appeals? As a government contractor, you must be aware that the Board of Contracts Appeal does not have jurisdiction to review suspension and debarment  appeals decisions. See Inter-Continental Equipment, Inc., ASBCA No. 38444, 90-1 BCA122,501 at 112,956 (holding the Board lacks… Read more »

Appeals in the Federal Debarment and Suspension System

When a government contractor is recommended for debarment, the first part of defending the action is to see whether the company falls within the intended purpose of the statute. The purpose of the Debarment and Suspension System is: To protect the public interest, the Federal Government ensures the integrity of Federal… Read more »

Avoiding Civil Investigative Demand False Claims Act Mistakes

You’ve Been Served With a Civil Investigative Demand False Claims Act (CID) from the OIG or DOJ. What Do You Do Next? How Do You Respond? What Are Any Penalties For Mistakes. Federal Lawyer: Theodore P. Watson, Esq. Why Are You Under Investigation? These are all valid Questions. Each government… Read more »

Grand Jury Indictments for Federal Contractors

Government contractors facing federal investigations from the Office of Inspector General (OIG), DOJ or some other law enforcement agency should understand the basics of grand jury indictments and how the criminal process can impact the company. When the federal prosecutors finish their investigation, they can bring further charges by moving… Read more »