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In federal government contracting, there is a substantial amount of Federal Government Contracts & Business Law Blogcomplex regulations and guidelines that contractors must follow when bidding on federal contract opportunities, dealing with small business contracts and during the performance stage. When operating a business, there are also several best practices that can help owners to operate profitably while minimizing costly legal mistakes. This site is available for readers to understand the legal issues that can arise in government contracts and business operations. This government contracts blog provides information related to GAO bid protests, Government construction, contract disputes and contract claims appeal, government contract protest and bidding issues, government proposal writing tips, Colorado business law matters and more.

We litigate government contract bid protest cases, CDA Claims, Terminations, Business formation, breach of contract disputes, employment law and more.

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24 Mar

Tips Your Competitors Know About Protesting Government Contract Awards

Government contractors sometimes have to make a decision to engage in protesting government contract awards. This level of litigation can be brought before the contracting agency, the Government Accountability Office, or the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. To help making the process easier, companies should start the decision process at the time when they initially […]

23 Mar

Avoiding Perils of ITAR Compliance and Export Control Penalties

There are Two ITAR compliance problems facing most businesses in the import-export industry: Failure to anticipate the road ahead Problem: Though 79% of today’s government contractor executives say responding quickly to change is the only way to survive our current federal procurement challenges, only 1 in 3 are even able to identify threats of export control and […]

23 Mar

The Best Way to Attack Contractor Past Performance Evaluations in Bid Protests

When the federal government’s contracting agency tries to justify lower past performance evaluation scores, your company at first glance may find it hard to challenge the decision in a bid protest. As in every litigation case, facts drive almost everything. Bid protest based on contractor general past performance evaluations have less than 25% chance of […]

21 Mar

Meeting the Mentor Definition of the SBA

Many small businesses think about getting into the SBA Mentor- Protégé Program. However, as either a mentor or protégé, they must first meet the SBA mentor definition. The program is in place to help small businesses to be able to secure federal government projects with the aid of a business mentor that can provide valuable […]

20 Mar

SBA Gives Dangerous Warning to Prime Contractors Naming Subcontractors In Bids

Possible relief to named subcontractors in government bids: Under the new SBA regulations, there seems to be some relief to small businesses that are named as subcontractors and teaming partners but are never used on the contract. This seems to be an increasing problem across the United States. In previous approaches, the SBA or the […]

20 Mar

SBA Issues Important New Small Business Rules for Affiliation and Other Issues

By virtue of congressional mandates, and under the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the Small Business Administration (SBA) has made recent changes to various rules that regulate small business contracts including those set aside for designated SBA programs and the limitation on subcontracting. The highlights include mention of similarly situated small businesses and how previous […]

20 Mar

Important New SBA HUBZone Compliance Amendments for Small Businesses

The SBA adopted new rules and revised 13 CFR 126.200(b)(6). HUBZOne small businesses must still comply with the required subcontracting requirements in the performance work statement. In other words, the company must certify in its bid that it will company with the limitation on subcontracting requirements with respect to any procurement it receives as a […]

17 Mar

GAO Sustains Protest Alleging Solicitation Is Actually Unduly Restrictive of Competition

Government Fight and Arguments for Why its Solicitation Was Unduly Restrictive of Competition Came too Late. In a recent bid protest filed by Pitney Bowes, Inc., of Washington, DC, the U.S. GAO sustained the protest against Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Pitney Bowes litigated the case on the premise that the technical […]

15 Mar

Federal Circuit Court of Appeals CAFC Rules Against COFC On REA Claims for Increased Cost – Negligent Estimate

The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC) ruled against the Court of Federal Claims decision on a Request for Equitable Adjustment Claim (REA) against Agility Defense for increased cost under the provisions of FAR 16.503. The Appeals from the Claims Court was due to denial of a government fixed price indefinite delivery contract […]

14 Mar

Understanding Sale and Purchase Agreements & Share Purchase Agreements in Colorado

When sellers in Colorado execute a business sale and purchase agreements, there are certain key aspects that they must pay special attention to. Each sales contract may have different nuances but attorneys for each side will want to conduct their due diligence and understand the primary concerns on the buyer or seller. Also, the same level of […]

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