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In federal government contracting, there is a substantial amount of Federal Government Contracts & Business Law Blogcomplex regulations and guidelines that contractors must follow when bidding on federal contract opportunities, dealing with small business contracts and during the performance stage. When operating a business, there are also several best practices that can help owners to operate profitably while minimizing costly mistakes. This site is available for readers to understand the legal issues that can arise in government contracts and business operations. This government contracts blog provides information related to GAO bid protests, Government construction, contract disputes and contract claims appeal, government contract protest and bidding issues, government proposal writing tips, Colorado business law matters and more.

We litigate government contract bid protest cases, CDA Claims, Terminations, Business formation, breach of contract disputes, employment law and more.

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Latest Articles

22 Sep

Special Rules Appealing SBA Certificate of Competency Program (COC) Decisions

What is the Certificate of Competency  (COC)Program 15 U.S.C. 637(b)(7)? The SBA Certificate of Competency (COC) Program is regulated by the Small Business Act (15 U.S.C. 637(b)(7)). After review of the contracting agency’s referral, the SBA issues a written decision to the contracting officer either certifying or not, that one or more of the small businesses  […]

09 Sep

When is the Size Status of a Business Concern Determined?

National Defense Authorization Act of 2013 and the New Final Rule in 13 CFR 121.404. When is the size status of a business concern determined? By: Nicole Carter, Esq. Are you a small business that has recently sold, merged or been acquired by another entity?  New promulgations of the federal rules may impact when you […]

19 Aug

GAO Sustains Protest For Improper Joint Venture Past Performance Evaluation

Avoid Costly Mistakes When Submitting 8(a) Joint Venture Past Performance  GAO protests continue to surface because of improper past performance evaluation of proposals. In a recent case, GAO sustained a protest because NASA considered the awardee’s past performance.  There was no record of actual performance. The problem was that the solicitation stated that NASA would not consider past performance if there was […]

14 Aug

Court of Appeals Federal Circuit Bid Protest Decides Appeal Patent Ambiguity — What Does Ambiguity Mean?

Many government contract bidders find the rules of patent ambiguity in solicitations to be very confusion. In many cases, they see the problem when filing a post-award bid protest. The recent decision at the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit illustrates how important it is to protect your rights about the solicitation’s ambiguity […]

14 Aug

US Court of Appeals Federal Circuit Decides Whether FSS Extensions Are New Contracts

 A common dispute arises in federal government contracting as to whether a term extension for a GSA / FSS task order constitutes a new contract. The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ruled on this very issue in a recent case. The Court of Federal Claims (CFOC) in its lower decision decided that […]

29 Jul

Registering a Single Member LLC in Colorado

What is a Single Member LLC? There are various types of business entities under the various state laws. In the case of a single member LLC, this business entity only has one member. Unless the business owner chooses to become a disregarded company for tax purposes, the IRS will treat your business like a corporation. […]

23 Jul

FAR 15.306 Misleading or Meaningful Discussions

One reason why bid protests are successful is when the contractor shows that the failed to conduct lawful discussions. GAO looks at these issues very carefully.  The underlying principle of having meaningful discussions is the Competition in Contracting Act (CICA). Each bidder is entitled to its proposal being evaluated on equal footing with other offerors. Experts […]

19 Jul

Mistakes Made in GAO Protest For Corrective Action

Often, government contracting agencies take corrective action when contractors file a GAO protest. Taking corrective action mainly takes away jurisdiction from the court to hear the case. A recent GAO protest case illustrates mistakes made in a GAO protest for corrective action. In that bid protest, the protestor argued that after the agency experienced a series […]

03 Jul

SBA Minority Owned Business Certification

In federal government contracting to have a minority-owned business enterprise (MBE) can have its advantages. However, there are strict guidelines to follow on how to become a minority owned business. There are also severe consequences for not following SBA certification rules. One example of a minority-owned business enterprise is the SBA’s 8(a) Business Development Program. This […]

03 Jul

How US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit Decides Past Performance and Best Value Bid Protest Cases

Sometimes when the US Court of Federal Claims rules adversely on a motion for judgment upon the administrative record in bid protest, you can appeal the decision to the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. There are many cases where the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals has reversed the Court of Claims decision […]

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