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In federal government contracting, there is a substantial amount of Federal Government Contracts & Business Law Blogcomplex regulations and guidelines that contractors must follow when bidding on federal contract opportunities, dealing with small business contracts and during the performance stage. When operating a business, there are also several best practices that can help owners to operate profitably while minimizing costly mistakes. This site is available for readers to understand the legal issues that can arise in government contracts and business operations. Our government contracting attorneys provide information related to GAO bid protests, Government construction, contract disputes and contract claims appeal, government contract protest and bidding issues, government proposal writing tips, Colorado business law matters and more.

We litigate government contract protest cases, CDA Claims, Terminations, Business formation, breach of contract disputes, employment law and more.

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Latest Articles

25 May

Appealing Government Termination of Contract For Default Decisions

When the government issues a termination of contract for default for default, preserving your rights to appeal is one of the first things that a federal contractor must consider. What are your options? If you want to termination of contract decision to be completely overturned, you may want to ask the contracting officer to reconsider […]

28 Apr

Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit NAICS Protest OHA Exhaustion Of Administrative Remedies

Lawyers Appealing from COFC Federal Claims Protest Decisions to the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit In a recent case, the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit reversed a bid protest decision from the Court of Federal Claims  because the appellant had failed to first exhaust  administrative remedies with OHA about […]

24 Apr

Native American Indian Incentive Program DFARS 252.226-7001

On of the most under-utilized tools in federal government contracting is the Native American  Indian Incentive Program (IIP). This program is sponsored by Congress and allows for a 5% rebate back to prime government contractors on amounts subcontracting to Native American Indian-Owned Companies. The Indian Incentive Program can reward federal prime contractors by giving them […]

16 Apr

What Does Ambiguous Mean in Government RFPs?

When it comes to responding to federal government proposals, agencies must be clear on what they want the general public to bid on. The definition of ambiguous in a government RFP occurs then two or more reasonable interpretations of the particular solicitation is possible. When filing a bid protest to either GAO or the Court […]

01 Apr

Responding to Colorado EEOC Complaint and Employer Position Statement

When an employee files an EEOC complaint that alleges discrimination, Colorado businesses should file an employer position statement. This response to the discrimination complaint is very important. How you respond can make the difference between the EEOC find the employer liable for discriminatory actions that can lead to the filing of a lawsuit in Colorado […]

01 Apr

Assignment of Contract and Government Novation Agreement Business Sales

Assignment of contract decisions when there is a purchase and sale agreement involving a company that has existing government contracts should be met with caution. Although FAR 42.12 allows the buying and selling parties to execute a novation agreement due to an asset purchase or stock sale, companies should still assess legal issues related to […]

18 Mar

Offeror Representations and Certifications Reps and Certs

When submitting a bid for federal contractors, offeror representations and certifications (proposal’s reps and certs ) can become a serious issue when it comes to reporting issues can impact  business integrity decisions or responsibility determinations. The US Court of Federal Claims decided a case in March 2016 where the bidder failed to disclose issues of […]

17 Mar

Asset Purchase Agreement & Government Contract Novation

Avoid Costly Mistakes With Asset Purchase Agreement and Contract Novations When Selling a Business With Government Contracts. As a government contractor, or company seeking to buy a business where federal contracts are involved, you must consider the various implications you face given the federal regulations governing the sale of a business and assignment of contract […]

24 Feb

Relevant Past Performance Evaluation of Proposal Responses

When drafting your RFP response to a government proposal, solicitations typically call for relevant past performance. This means that your referenced projects must be recent, similar to the scope of work in the proposed project, and must also be of the same size and complexity. However, this does not mean that a company without sufficient […]

01 Feb

Government Proposal Writing and Bid Submission Mistakes

Part of a bidder’s government proposal writing efforts is to make sure that it follows the bid submission directions in the solicitation. As obvious as this may sound, companies have been known to make mistakes and cause their proposals to be rejected by the contracting agency. In a recent case, GAO sustained a bid protest […]

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