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Government Contract Claim Process and Certification Requirements

 If you have performed work for the federal government and looking in to the contract claims process, there are some basic things you should know. Failure to take the claims process and certification requirements seriously can cost you thousands, or even millions in amounts that should be paid. The courts […]

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SBA 8a Certification Supporting Documents

Why Are Your SBA 8a Certification Supporting Documents Critical? When applying for your SBA 8a certification, there are a number of documents that you must gather to send in with your application or use them to get information. You do not want to just look at this as an empty […]

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Developing Proposal Writing Best Practices

Assess government proposal writing best practices in your company starts with figuring out what has worked in the past that still continues to work today. If your worst practices outweigh your best practices, then it may be time to review all of them and develop an approach that increases the […]

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Bid Protest- Should I Challenge or Not?

gao bid protest

By: Nicole L. Carter, Esq. After being denied an award, Contractors across the country face the question of whether to file a bid protest challenging the Agency’s award with the Government Accountability Office (GAO).  While there are a variety of factors that go into this decision, one of the first […]

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Meaningful Discussions Vs Clarifications in GAO Bid Protests

GAO recently sustained a bid protest in the Matter of: Marathon Medical Corporation because the agency failed to hold meaningful discussions with the protestor. In that case, Marathon’s bid protest alleged the Department of Veteran Affairs improperly held discussions with the awardee, but failed to hold discussions with Marathon. Marathon […]

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GAO Protest Automatic Stay

Many contractors have heard about the GAO protest Automatic Stay but are not quite familiar with the general rules. When filing a GAO bid protest, and under the Competition in Contracting Act (CICA) after you file a timely bid protest, the contracting officer is required to “immediately direct the contractor […]

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Conflict of Interest Standards for GAO Bid Protest

Avoiding Conflict of Interest Problems in GAO Bid Protests Conflict of interest is a serious allegation when it comes to a GAO bid protest. The main concern in any conflict of interest allegation is the development of an unfair competitive advantage. GAO recognizes the underlying principle of avoiding even the […]

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Challenging the Agency’s Corrective Action in a Bid Protest

When challenging the agency’s corrective action in bid protest, there are some important considerations to make. For example, a critical question is whether there was a material change in RFP amendment. If there is a material change, does the government in its corrective action have to allow you to revise […]

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Difference Between Suspension and Debarment

  As a federal government contractor, you must be aware that agency oversight for contract compliance and other factors leading to suspension and debarment have increased dramatically over the past few years. GAO reported total actions across these agencies increased from 19 in 2009 to 271 in 2013. On July […]

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GAO Protest Meaningful Evaluation of Proposals

meaningful evaluation of proposals protest

How Do You Know When Government Agencies Conduct Meaningful Evaluations? In the GAO bid protest of Prism Maritime, LLC , B-409267.2; B-409267.3, the protestor challenged the Department of the Navy’s lack of meaningful evaluation of proposals under the technical capability and experience factor, and also challenged the Navy’s evaluation of […]

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