What is a Subpoena? Does a Subpoena Mean You Are In Trouble?

How to Avoid Costly Mistakes When Responding to Federal Subpoenas. A federal subpoena is a legal document issued by the federal government to compel an individual or organization to provide relevant evidence in a criminal case. The government (DOJ, FBI or OIG) can be used to demand documents, testimony from… Read more »

What Are White Collar Crimes in Government Contracting?

Theodore P Watson, Government Contractor Defense Attorney. Government Contractors Charged With White Collar Crimes Face Serious Fines and Potential Jail Time. Having an Experience White Collar Lawyer That Also Understands Federal Government Contracting is Critical to Getting a Favorable Outcome. Not all Local Criminal Defense Counsel have this Unique Experience… Read more »

Federal Indictments for Government Contractor Fraud

What is a Federal Indictment?  Can a Defendant in a Government Contractor Fraud Case Get an Indictment Overturned? Theodore P. Watson. Federal indictments from a grand jury in a federal criminal case involving federal government contractors and defendants in those cases is the formal process where federal law enforcement like… Read more »

What Happens After Indictment?

What Happens After Indictment of Government Contractors? Getting a Grand Jury Indictment in a Criminal Case Involving Federal Contracts Does Not Automatically Mean that You Are Guilty. The Question Becomes What Are You Options? What Happens After Indictment But Before a Criminal Trial. Below are but a Few Potential Outcomes…. Read more »

Grand Jury Indictments for Federal Contractors

Government contractors facing federal investigations from the Office of Inspector General (OIG), DOJ or some other law enforcement agency should understand the basics of grand jury indictments and how the criminal process can impact the company. When the federal prosecutors finish their investigation, they can bring further charges by moving… Read more »

Tips for False Claims Act Elements and Defenses

Establishing and proving Federal False Claims Act elements and defenses in government investigations and litigation can make the difference in winning or being an open target for prison time or hefty civil fines. The False Claims Act, 31 USC 3729, is the government’s favorite legal tool to prosecute and impose… Read more »