FAR Non Responsive Bid Proposal

Non responsive bid proposals occur when the contracting agency excludes your bid because it materially failed to follow the solicitation requirements. Unless your mistake was minimal and immaterial, GAO tends to rule that the Agency made a reasonable decision. However, there are situations where agency exclusions were unreasonable. What happens in… Read more »

Construction Claims & Appealing Contracting Officer’s Final Decision

Avoid Getting Your Case Dismissed on Appeal. A contracting officer’s final decision in federal government contracting carries a lot of weight. For example,  a contracting officer is the final authority for approving or denying construction claims or requests for equitable adjustments.  Small business contractor lawyers and non-government contracting attorneys often… Read more »

Difference Between a Government Bid Protest and a Contract Dispute

For government contractors, there are two primary mechanisms to address disputes related to federal government contracts: filing a government protest and filing a Contract Disputes Act (CDA) claim. While both processes aim to resolve disputes related to government contracts, they are distinct and differ in their procedures and outcomes. When… Read more »