Costs Associated With Termination for Default Clause

Under what authority can the contracting officer terminate a contract for default or cause? When assessing costs associated with the Termination for Default Clause, you must first understand the government’s rights. Under government contracts law, if your contract contains the Default clause at 52.249-8, the Government has the right, subject to… Read more »

Contract Disputes Act of 1978 Certification Requirements

Contract Claims Certification and Appeals Requirements When reviewing the Contract Disputes Act certification requirements for litigation and appeals, a costly mistake made by government contractors is to submit a claim against the government but not follow the claim certification requirements of the Act. Another mistake is to file a government… Read more »

Contract Disputes –Government and Business

A contract dispute may come in varying shapes and sizes.  Whether you are a Government contractor or a Small Business, contracts dispute can take a toll on your work and ultimately cost you money.  While the best option is to have an attorney draft or review any contract before signing,… Read more »

Material Breach of Contract Definition

Meeting the Material Breach Definition is Essential to Winning Your Case The material breach of contract definition is one that goes directly to the crust of the agreement. When there is a dispute, and you are bringing a claim, then is the time to claim that the alleged breach was… Read more »

Federal Miller Act Payment Bond and Performance Bonds

As a government construction contractor, your payment and performance bonds under the Miller Act is critical to getting the award and protecting your company in the event of default. Getting payment and performance is a requirement for federal construction contracts. However, problems arise when small businesses have a difficult time securing… Read more »

Discrimination in the Workplace For Employers & Government Contractors

Discrimination in the Workplace — Practices to Avoid When it comes to employer discrimination in the workplace, government contractors are subjected to strict compliance with workplace discrimination laws. Your contract contains specific statutory language to that effect. Therefore, especially for larger contractors, you must ensure that your supervisors are familiar with the laws… Read more »

Federal Government Construction Contracts

Indulging in Federal construction contracts can be very lucrative in the federal procurement world. However, the risk of non-performance is definitely present and any federal construction contracting company must approach projects with caution.  As a contractor, you should be aware that you are dealing with an extremely large client with a… Read more »

Understanding the Federal Acquisitions Regulations (FAR)

  (Failure to Understand the Basics Can Cost You Hundreds of Thousands in Litigation or Criminal Liability? What are the Federal Acquisitions Regulations ( FAR)? The  Federal Acquisitions Regulations ( FAR) are codified in Title 48 of the United States Code of Federal Regulations. It is issued pursuant to the Office of Federal… Read more »