Breach of Contract Damages in Government Claims

If you are a government contractor, learning how to assess breach of contract damages in government claims is critical to recovering all damages that your company deserves. For example, you can bring suit for breach of contract under the Contract Disputes Act in the Court of Federal Claims (COFC.) You… Read more »

Government Proposal Templates – Avoid Costly Mistakes

A substantial amount of contractors look to find quick and easy government proposal templates on the Internet when responding to government solicitations. However, there has been at least one GAO case where the government stated that the proposal template used did not mirror the solicitation requirements. Using templated responses increase… Read more »

GAO Bid Protests on Bid Evaluations

If you are filing a GAO bid protest because of a dispute about your proposal past performance evaluations, you should first understand that as a general rule contracting agencies have wide discretion to evaluate proposals based upon their own independent judgment. However, a protest lawyer that shows that the agency’s evaluation scoring… Read more »

CICA Stay Overrides for GAO Bid Protests

Filing a GAO bid protest can invoke an automatic stay of contract award or performance that lasts until GAO, or the court makes a decision. The automatic CICA Stay is typically at the GAO protest level. At the Court of Federal Claims, the stay is not automatic and protestors will… Read more »

GAO Protest Deadlines – How to Meet Them

The first step in how to meet GAO protest deadlines is to know them. Second, you must understand when time deadline starts to run or begins. You always ask your self when did you learn about the problem, or when should you have learned about the problem. The earlier of… Read more »

Court of Federal Claims Bid Protest (COFC) vs GAO Protests

The US Court of Federal Claims (COFC) has jurisdiction to hear a government contract bid protest due to the Administrative Dispute Resolution Act of 1966 (ADRA). As a matter of practice, the COFC does not lose its jurisdiction to hear your protest simply because another bidder files a separate protest… Read more »

How Can Bid Protest Lawyers Help You

The underlying reason that you want to file a bid protest is that you want a second “bite at the apple.” If you are the successful bidder, then you want to intervene into the protest litigation and protect your own interest. You have made the decision to file a GAO… Read more »

Government Proposal and SBA 8a Certifications

Rules for SBA 8a Certification in Government Proposals When it comes to SBA 8a certifications, although contracting agencies can consider subcontractor experience in government proposals, there is no mandatory requirement to do so. A government contracting agency need not consider your subcontractor experience where the solicitation contemplates award of a… Read more »

Double Business Sales in Government Contracts

Government small businesses and large corporations are seeking help to double sales in federal contracting. There is no secret that the federal government spends billions on the procurement of services and products.  As you decide to venture into the federal procurement marketplace, there also complex rules and regulations. Failure to adhere to… Read more »

Government Proposal Training Classes

Double Sales and Take Your Company to the Next Level If You are Not Seeing Results With You Current Proposal Writing Efforts. If your company is not generating enough revenue in government contracts and you want to take it to the next level, then our government contracts training and proposal… Read more »