Contract Disputes Act of 1978 Claims Against the Government

Contractors often face harsh consequences when filing federal government Contract Disputes Act (CDA) claims. Despite getting the benefit of your work, the contracting officer (CO) will often deny your claim just because the claim itself did not meet the CDA requirements. This result can cost a company thousands or even… Read more »

Bid Protest Intervention GAO or COFC – Who May Intervene?

Types of Bid Protest Intervention At the U.S. Court of Federal Claims adopts two types of bid  protest intervention. They are: intervention as of right or by permission of the court. In either case, you or your attorney must enter the case in a timely fashion. Who May Intervene? As a government… Read more »

Lack of Privity of Contract in Government Procurement

As a subcontractor to a federal government procurement, you may often find yourself wondering what is the lack of privity of contract rule for government relationship with subcontractors and why the Contracting Officer, or even the Small Business Administration (in small business matters), does not intervene when you have a dispute… Read more »

Government Contracts Claims Process – Five Approaches

When looking at the government contract process for submitting claims, or you decide to file claims against the federal government, there are certain best practices and approaches that you must adhere to. Failure to follow them can tempt the Contracting Officer (CO) to try to negotiate the actual amount downwards or it… Read more »

Federal Government Procurement Process

The DOD and Federal Government Procuremental Process in Federal Contracting in the U.S. means the method and purchasing process by which government agencies buy goods and services.  When it comes to government contracts, the federal government is in the business of buying commercial products and services. How it goes about… Read more »

Government Termination of Contract Notice – CEO’s Biggest Fear

As CEO of the company, receiving the government’s notice of contract termination is one of the sudden blows that you do not usually dream of seeing. Your anticipated profits and the future of your business are at risk. Whether the agency terminates for cause or convenience, developing an immediate response is critical…. Read more »

Federal False Claims Act Penalty

The Department of Justice obtained more than $4.7 billion in settlements and judgments from civil cases involving reporting fraud and false claims against the government in the fiscal year 2016 ending Sept. 30. See announcement here. Prime contractors and subcontractors performing on federal government contracts should be very aware that… Read more »