gsa schedule application, gsa application processUnderstand the GSA Schedule Application Process and Whether it is a Good Business Decision

As a government contractor, you want to first make sure that getting on a GSA schedule is in your best interest. Not all GSA Schedules generate substantial profits for every business.

The first piece of advice for you as a CEO is to be aware of offers that guarantee that you will generate substantial amounts of money. This is what has been commonly called the “snake oil” salesman approach.

Market Analysis

No one can guarantee millions in revenues. When analyzing the GSA Schedule Application process, you must first find out who, when and where are government agencies buying your service or product. Only with this data can you make a wise and educated business decision. There ways to gather this type of information.

GSA Application Process

The GSA application process requires you to develop careful analysis and market research to decide whether getting on GSA schedules is a good business decision for you.

The first step in going through the GSA Schedule Application process is determining if your company/organization meets the requirements to receive a GSA Schedule Contract Award. Before beginning the GSA Schedule application you must meet the following prerequisites:

  • Financial Stability
  • At Least 2 Years in Business
  • Past Performance
  • Products Commercially Available
  • Products Compliant with the Trade Agreements Act. End product must be manufactured or substantially altered within the U.S. or a ”designated country” as defined by the Trade Agreements Act

Identify the Appropriate GSA Schedule 

There are currently over 11 million products and services available through nearly 50 GSA Schedules. Going through the process also means picking the appropriate GSA schedule for the product or service that you offer. You want to also research government contract awards to see if agencies actually buy your services or products through GSA. This is an important step that many large and small businesses alike miss.

The GSA application process starts with finding the right SIN that fits your service or product. Afterward, you must respond to the specific solicitation. See information about Bidding on GSA One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services (OASIS Contracts)

GSA will conduct an “open ratings” on your company. This is where information is sent to previous customers to gather your history of performance. While this phase of the application process is being conducted, you will be busy gathering the proper data and filling out the many forms.

If you retain a GSA Schedule consultant, you also want to make sure that you give them correct and recent information for your application.

One the application is submitted, GSA officials will check your package and may request clarifications on certain parts.

Once you are selected for certification, the GSA personnel with attempts to negotiate better terms (for them).

Post-GSA Certification Process

One of the most important aspects of understanding the GSA Schedule Application process is that you still have to market your business. Marketing to the government requires a unique mindset. You simply cannot market to the government in the same fashion as you do in the commercial sector.

Your marketing department must first understand the procurement process and the regulatory requirements of contracting officials.

Suggestions from Agencies to Go Through the GSA Schedule Application Process: Oftentimes, our GSA Schedule consultants will hear that a specific agency tells contractors to get on a GSA schedule and they will get work.  This can be borderline unethical in that the agency is by passing the competition requirements. There may be ethical violations on these types of facts.

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