Tips for Federal False Claims Act Elements & Defense

Establishing and proving False Claims Act defenses in government investigations and litigation can make the difference in winning or being an open target for prison time or hefty civil fines. The False Claims Act, 31 USC 3729, is the government’s favorite legal tool to prosecute and impose civil and criminal… Read more »

Tips for Filing Court of Federal Claims Bid Protests (COFC)

Deciding on whether to file a Court of Federal Claims bid protest versus GAO protest or the agency-level protest can be tricky too many government contractors. At the end of the day, many contractors seeking to save revenues worth millions of dollars find that closing bridges or giving up rights… Read more »

Hiring Defense Contractor Procurement Fraud Lawyers for Criminal Cases

Without Experience With Procurement Regulations, and Federal Procurement Law, Your Criminal Case Could be in Jeopardy. Theodore P Watson. Government Contractor Fraud Lawyer. When an agency suspects a company of government procurement fraud, there is a myriad of actions that immediately occur. If the contracting officer is involved, he or… Read more »