CEO Decision to Respond To Federal Government Investigations

When you or your company has been targeted as part of a federal investigation, your life and business operations as you know it can change significantly. If you are a government contractor subject to criminal charges or investigated for violation of the False Claims Act, kickbacks, SBA Fraud or some… Read more »

Nuances of North American Fair Trade Agreements Act (NAFTA)

What Was the Primary Purposed of  NAFA North American Free Trade Agreement? The North American Free Trade Agreements Act (NAFTA Act) is a very comprehensive trade agreement that sets the rules for trade practices and investments between the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The agreement was executed in 1994. The… Read more »

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Penalties and FCPA Violations

US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act FCPA penalties and violations can be premised upon your efforts in due diligence or otherwise seek to determine whether there was a legitimate business purpose for the use of a “middleman” or consultant.  Under the FCPA anti bribery provisions, this is especially true when conducting… Read more »