Writing a technical proposal for construction projects to the federal government requires contractors to not only tell the agency how they intend to perform each aspect of the statement of work but most importantly to address Federal Construction Technical Proposal and Technical Proposal Approachrisk factors. Most construction technical proposal fail simply because they do not address meeting or exceeding schedules or not identifying potential problems and how the contractor will fix or prevent the problem

Discuss Key Construction Subcontractors

Federal construction projects allow prime contractors to perform 15% of the work. Yet, the technical proposal approach sometimes fails to address the obvious— your key construction subcontractors. This mistake can cause low technical proposal scores. Your technical proposal for construction projects to the federal government must address key subcontractors, their experience, and what aspects of the work they will accomplish. 

  • Knowing how to proposal your subcontractors and teaming partners is critical to getting higher technical scores and avoid small business size protest alleging affiliation violations.

Improve Your Construction Technical Proposal Approach

Although federal government contract regulations suggest the prime contractor should be responsible for the performance of the contract. and in control, of the entire project, your technical proposal for the construction projects must demonstrate this important fact. Your technical proposal must articulate and give great detail on how you plan on performing the technical aspects of the statement of work, key management and their roles, and how your subcontractors will contribute to the overall performance.

Address Risk Mitigation

Each construction technical proposal must address risk factors. Whether the project is task order based on simply a firm fixed price construction project, your technical approach must describe you quality control approach, lines of authority and sometimes include best practices that can reduce the risk of non-performance.

Understanding Basic Construction Proposal Evaluation Factors

Government bids include lowest price technically acceptable and negotiated procurements. Negotiated procurements tend to focus on factors and sub-factors that carry different weights in the evaluation scheme. On the other hand, lowest price technically acceptable proposals merely focus on the acceptability of the technical proposal approach. Once acceptable, the agency automatically defaults to lowest price for the award.

In both situations, your construction technical approach proposal should aim to offer your best possible technical approach. You should not relax your proposal writing efforts and hope to make the technical acceptability standard. You may come up short.

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