Request for Equitable Adjustment – REA Government Contracts – What is it?

Request for Equitable Adjustment  (Equitable Adjustment FAR (REA Government Contracts)), in government contracting addresses a contract adjustment and is driven by the changes clause, to compensate you due to expenses incurred because of government actions, or to compensate the Government for contract reductions. Many companies have recently fallen prey to… Read more »

Contract Termination Claim Appeal

When a government contracting agency cancels a contract, you should not directly appeal the Board of Contract Appeals. You must first submit a claim under the Contract Disputes Act (CDA) and then request a final agency decision by the Contracting Officer. Only then does an appeal court have subject matter jurisdiction to… Read more »

Information on Native American Government Contracts

Improve business relationships by teaming and joint venturing under the Native American and Super 8a rules. Are you having problems as an 8a Contractor getting Native American Government Contracts? Alaska Natives and Indian Tribes, and Native Hawaiian Organizations have a unique relationship with the United States Government as set forth… Read more »

8A Status & SBA 8a Certification Requirements

Learn how to minimize the Small Business Administration SBA objections to your 8a application and avoid wasting valuable time and resources learning the requirements through trial and error. By understanding the government’s concerns when trying to meet the SBA 8a Certification Requirements and 8a Status Rules, you will be better… Read more »

Ostensible Subcontractor Rule

By: Theodore P. Watson.The Ostensible Subcontractor Rule creates a dangerous situation for small businesses when bidding on federal government contracts. It usually comes about when the competition files an Small Business Administration (SBA) size protest and claims that you, as the awardee and prime contractor, are unusually reliant on the… Read more »

Ostensible Contractor Rule

Avoid Mistakes in Bid Protests Federal government contractors often have many questions about the Ostensible Contractor Rule and how it can impact the award of the contract. The bottom line is that if you are submitting government proposals as a small business, you want to stay away from the possibility… Read more »

How to Preserve Government Contract Claims Appeal

How to File a Claim on a Government Contract and Protect Your Rights for a Potential Appeal Did you know that you should file a claim against the government with the contracting officer before filing an appeal with the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals? The formal dispute resolution process… Read more »

Filing Government Contract Claims and Disputes

Companies file government contract claims and disputes when there is a disagreement about additional work performed and where the contractor has not been paid. Such disputes arise during a request for equitable adjustment, scope changes, delays and other unexpected situations. As a government contractor, filing claims against the federal government… Read more »