Why Are Your SBA 8a Certification Supporting Documents Critical?

When applying for your SBA 8a certification, there are a number of supporting documents that you must gather to send in with your application or use them to get information.SBA 8a Certification Supporting Documents -- 8a Contractors List You do not want to just look at this as an empty exercise.

Instead, you must really seek to support your position with valid and credible documents. The SBA scrutinizes every document when you submit your 8a certification application.  In fact, the SBA will deny your application if it finds inconsistency between documents.

  • When compiling your SBA supporting documents, look for inconsistencies
  • Be aware that if you are denied your 8a status, it would be heard to prevail on appeal if your supporting documents are on their face inconsistent.

The following is a list derived from the SBA.  Gathering the 8a program list of SBA 8a Application Forms will help you to make sure that your application is complete. You also want to always follow-up to make sure that you have an accurate 8a certification application form along with the below list of supporting documents.

  • Your firm’s signed and dated federal tax returns over the past three years (must include all schedules and attachments)
  • Your personal signed and dated federal tax returns for the past three years (must include all schedules and attachments)
  • Your firm’s financial statements for the past three years
  • Your firm’s balance sheet and profit and loss statements for the past three years (include most recent, current within 90 days of your application) this part of the supporting documents may help the SBA to assess revenues and whether or not you have the ability to succeed in the SBA 8a certification program.
  • List of all federal, non-federal and private sector contracts for the past two years
  • Lease agreements
  • Proof of signature authority on firm bank account(s) (signature card(s) for firm bank account(s) and/or letter from the bank) – this level of 8a certification supporting documents goes to the issue of control and affiliation, actual or not.
  • Documented proof of contributions used to acquire ownership (for each owner)
  • Documented proof of any transfer of assets to/from the firm
  • Documented proof of any transfer of assets to/from any of its owners over the past two years
  • State filings (signed, dated and stamped by the state where the firm does business)
    • Certificate of good standing
    • Foreign corporation filings
    • Articles of incorporation, articles of organization
    • DBA (“doing business as”) filings
  • Governing documents, signed by the principals
    • Bylaws, operating agreements, partnership agreements
    • Meeting minutes
    • Stock certificates and ledgers
  • For majority owners and firm managers:

SBA 8a Application Forms:: 8a Contractors list of Supporting Documents

The requirements for these SBA 8a contractors list of supporting documents must be crafted very carefully, there are certain issues to address and issues to avoid during the application process. See information about writing your social narrative. This is one area where many 8a applications fail when seeking to get 8a contracts. Your SBA 8a Certification Supporting forms should include:

  • Background information and personal information for all principals:
    • Resume
    • Completed Statement of Personal History form
    • Proof of U.S. citizenship or naturalization
    • Duties within the firm and time devotion
    • List of other business interests and time devotion
    • Nature of outside employment and time devotion
  • Financial information for all principals:
    • Signed and dated personal tax returns for the last three years (must include all schedules and attachments)
    • Completed personal financial statement form (from individual and spouse)
    • List of all assets, liabilities, real estate and other personal property, including transferred assets
    • Information on delinquent federal obligations, past due taxes or liens, bankruptcy filings and pending civil lawsuits
    • List of SBA loans for firm and other businesses owned by the principal(s)
  • Principals include:
    • owner(s) of more than 10%
    • officers
    • directors
    • members
    • partners
    • key employees

If you are not sure as to whether or not you have all of the right SBA 8a Certification Supporting Documents, or whether you should supplement the information with some form of another source, you may want to seek help from the SBA or speak to an experienced 8a certification consultant. See information about your 8a small business plan and SBA 8 a Program Annual Requirements

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