Civilian Board of Contract Appeals CDA Claims 41 USC 7101 – 7109

Choosing the right forum and framing your appeals case correctly can save you thousands in unnecessary litigation costs. When a contracting officer denies a claim under the Contract Disputes Act, filing an appeal to the Civilian Board of Contract Appeals (CBCA) would be the next step. Not all claims appeal cases against… Read more »

FAR Flow Down Clauses in Federal Government Contracts

Do You Have Sound Government Subcontractor Policies and Procedures in Place? Don’t Wait Until Criminal Liability or Federal Investigators Show up at Your Door to Seek Legal Representation About Flow Down FAR Clauses to Subcontractors in Federal Government contracts. Understand that as a Subcontractor You Do not Escape Liability Because Your… Read more »

Federal Breach of Implied Duty of Good Faith and Fair Dealing

Avoid Legal Landmines When Asserting that the Government Breached of Duty of Good Faith and Fair Dealing When Submitting Government Contract Claims. Government contractors often struggle with the next steps when the agency does act fairly in providing accurate CPARS ratings. In addition, some contractors are not fully aware of… Read more »

Contract Termination for Default Process and Appeals

When the government terminates your company for default (otherwise known as termination for cause), understanding your rights and the contract termination process when you challenge a default notice can be crucial to your company’s future. Waiting until the government uses the contract termination clause to then react can put you… Read more »

Federal Differing Site Conditions Claims FAR 52.236-2

Knowing the Different Types of Unforeseen Differing Site Condition Claims Under FAR 52.236-2 Can Help You Get Paid Faster When submitting claims against the federal government for additional costs on the project site, or litigating in appeal cases involving differing site condition claims in government construction contracts, companies, quickly find out that… Read more »

Understanding Termination for Convenience Settlement Proposal Appeals

After the government exercises its rights to terminate your contract for convenience, you then have to submit your damages in a termination for convenience settlement proposal. It must be done within one year.  Therefore, you must develop your settlement posture early. The government will almost always try to negotiate down…. Read more »