Technical Proposal Evaluation Risk Evaluation in GAO Protest

Contractors frequently find that their technical proposal evaluation contained some level of error. A GAO protest can be sustained if you can show that the agency failed to reasonably evaluate your technical proposal writing risk in accordance with the terms of the solicitation. This aspect of filing can be tricky because… Read more »

Technical Writing and Important Proposal Approach Considerations

Importance of Your Technical Proposal When bidding on any federal government contract, your technical proposal generally carries the most weight. This section of the bid must detail your approach to various aspects of the solicitation’s requirements including staffing, understanding the requirements and providing detail that explains how you will actually perform… Read more »

Competition in Contracting Act of 1984 Restrictive Solicitation Requirements

Unduly restrictive solicitation under the Competition in Contracting Act of 1984 can make your government proposal writing efforts more difficult if you don’t understand your rights to protest the Agency’s solicitation. Many government contractors may choose to simply respond to the request for proposal as is without considering whether it is too restrictive…. Read more »

Technical Proposal Writing Mistakes in Government Contracts

Lack of Crucial Technical Proposal Writing Information Can Cost You the Contract Technical proposals that introduce involvement or parent companies will be heavily scrutinized by government contracting agencies. Even when you are proposing larger subcontractors you still have to meet certain proposal inclusions to get a favorable rating. There are… Read more »

Technical Proposal Writing Nuances in Government Contracts

Avoid Costly Mistakes In Technical Writing For Government Contracts When you engage in technical proposal writing for federal bids, one of the first things to consider is that federal procurement law requires that an agency’s evaluation of proposals must show a reasonable assessment of contractors’ ability to successfully perform the contract requirements.  Also,  the source… Read more »

FAR Undisclosed Independent Government Estimate (IGCE)

Can the agency use an undisclosed independent government estimate (IGCE) to evaluate your proposal? In previous GAO bid protest rulings, it has made it clear that an agency must give enough information in a solicitation so that you can compete intelligently and on a relatively equal basis.  It has also stated that… Read more »

Government Bid Proposal Writer: A Tool for Success in Business

Securing a qualified bid proposal writer when responding to Federal Government RFPs can be a great investment if they understand the procurement process and what it takes to actually win.  As many small to medium-sized companies look into securing government contracts, they do so without the benefit of a capture management or… Read more »