Government Sole Source Justification Federal FAR 6.302 1

Small businesses involved in government contracting find themselves excluded from opportunities because of FAR source justification federal contracts. Government contract law allows federal agencies the opportunity to award sole source contracts, so long as the explanation is reasonable, and does not violate other regulations. Do Government Sole Source Contract Justifications Violate the… Read more »

Past Performance Evaluation Confidence Ratings

Protesters often file bid protests challenge a government contracting agency’s  past performance evaluation confidence ratings of their proposals. Common concerns include the agency’s assignment of an unsatisfactory past confidence ratings. Agencies often find that your past performance examples or references were not relevant. This is where the initial controversy begins…. Read more »

Protesting Technically Unacceptable Proposal Decisions

Quite a few federal contractors find themselves disappointed in GAO’s protest decision that agrees with the agency’s evaluation decision. Protesting technically unacceptable proposal decisions in a GAO protest can be disappointing if contractors fail to apply the proper legal analysis in a bid protest.  When writing your technical proposal, merely… Read more »

SBA Certificate of Competency Determinations (COC)

Understanding the specific roles at the agency level and what the Small Business Administration SBA must do when evaluating your proposal for a Government Certificate of Competency (COC) and responsibility can save you the contract. What is the Certificate of Competency Program? The SBACertificate of Competency (COC) program allows companies… Read more »

Government Programs to Help Small Businesses

When it comes to federal contracting, there are several government programs to help small businesses succeed in the procurement market. Despite the high demand for getting into these government programs, there is still a requirement to plan carefully and develop a sound roadmap to become successful. What Are Some of… Read more »

Independent Government Prime Subcontractor Agreement Approaches

Be aware of the various legal nuances that can cost you the contract. Independent Government Contractor agreements in federal contracting have vastly different legal issues. Not only do the parties have to very careful at the bidding stages; they also have regulated approaches to subcontracts during the performance stage.   The… Read more »

Contracting By Negotiation Process With the Federal Government

How Does Contracting By Negotiation With the Federal Government Impact Your Company?When the federal government uses contracting by negotiation to procure its products or services, it uses various source selection processes and techniques to get its result. As a matter of practice, contracting agencies uses different competitive acquisition strategies  and… Read more »

Mergers and Acquisitions of Federal Contractors

After federal contractors acquire government contracts, some of them seek an exit strategy structuring a merger and acquisition of the company. However, when compared to the traditional commercial practice, when there are existing government contracts involved, buyers and sellers should beware. If you are contemplating joining your company with a… Read more »

Contractor Teaming Agreement Best Practices

Applying contractor teaming agreement best practices can create a great tool to “get your foot in the door” in Federal government contracting.  As best practices for small business success in government contracting, they are vital when bidding for substantially large contracts, such as federal government agency projects.  However, federal contractors should… Read more »