Far Termination for Default Clause

Avoid Costly Legal Mistakes When the CO terminates your contract for default. There are certain things to look for when you receive the notice of termination. The below information helps government contractors to make an informed decision on whether or not to appeal the decision. Both FAR terminations for default… Read more »

FAPIIS & PPIRS Past Performance Information Retrieval System

Government Past Performance evaluation and Past Performance Information Retrieval System  PPIRS reports often decide who will win and who will lose a contract. When submitting a government contract proposal, a common mistake made by companies is not including sufficient information. Since the Past Performance Information Retrieval System collects contractor performance evaluation data after the… Read more »

GSA Bid Protests, FSS & GSA GWAC Contracts

By: Leanna Ajour, Esq.  As a company that conducts business within the sphere of government contracts, you may have come across GWACs (Government-wide Acquisition Contracts). While you already know that government contracts can be a landmine of tricky regulations and complex rules compliance, what you don’t know about GWACs and… Read more »

Internal Corporate Investigations

corporate internal investigations for government contractors experiencing a civil or criminal investigation – mitigate damages and possibly get your case dismissed. Is your company facing a government investigation for criminal activity or civil fraud? Don’t panic, our corporate investigation firm can help. Our team of government contractor attorneys specializes in… Read more »

Internal Control Policy & Government Contractor Ethics

Problem: Having an internal control policy can save you headaches and stress as a business entity and as a government contractor. If you are a federal contractor, FAR regulations require you to have written codes of ethics. Sometimes Congress may request an agency to review a major contractor’s internal control policy. Issues… Read more »

FAR Code of Ethics for Contractors

In 2008, under FAR 52.203-13, “Contractor Code of Conduct and Business Ethics and Conduct” – the clause promulgated that appears in all Federal prime contracts that exceed $5 million and have a period of performance of 120 days or more and is required to be included in subcontracts of that dollar… Read more »

Federal Government Construction Contracts

Indulging in Federal construction contracts can be very lucrative in the federal procurement world. However, the risk of non-performance is definitely present and any federal construction contracting company must approach projects with caution.  As a contractor, you should be aware that you are dealing with an extremely large client with a… Read more »

Procurement Integrity Act Violations FAR 3.104 & 41 USC 423

The Federal Government Has Increased Oversight and is Cracking Down on Federal Procurement Integrity Act violations under FAR 3.104. In Addition to Criminal Defense Law You Should Also Understand the Procurement Process – The End Result Depends on It.  What is the Procurement Integrity Act? The Procurement Integrity Act prohibits… Read more »

Termination For Convenience Clause Minimizing the Impact

The Termination for Convenience Clause in a federal government contract gives the agency the unilateral right to give you an early termination notice if it is in the government’s “best interest.” Sometimes there are questions as to the government underlying reasons.  Regardless of fault, the termination for convenience clause requires the government… Read more »