US Court of Federal Claims Protest vs GAO

The US Court of Federal Claims (COFC) has jurisdiction to hear a government contract bid protest due to the Administrative Dispute Resolution Act of 1966 (ADRA). As a matter of practice, the COFC does not lose its jurisdiction to hear your protest simply because another bidder files a separate protest… Read more »

How Can Bid Protest Lawyers Help You

The underlying reason that you want to file a bid protest is that you want a second “bite at the apple.” If you are the successful bidder, then you want to intervene into the protest litigation and protect your own interest. You have made the decision to file a GAO… Read more »

Government Proposal and SBA 8a Certifications

Rules for SBA 8a Certification in Government Proposals When it comes to SBA 8a certifications, although contracting agencies can consider subcontractor experience in government proposals, there is no mandatory requirement to do so. A government contracting agency need not consider your subcontractor experience where the solicitation contemplates award of a… Read more »

Double Business Sales in Government Contracts

Government small businesses and large corporations are seeking help to double sales in federal contracting. There is no secret that the federal government spends billions on the procurement of services and products.  As you decide to venture into the federal procurement marketplace, there also complex rules and regulations. Failure to adhere to… Read more »

Government Proposal Training Classes

Double Sales and Take Your Company to the Next Level If You are Not Seeing Results With You Current Proposal Writing Efforts. If your company is not generating enough revenue in government contracts and you want to take it to the next level, then our government contracts training and proposal… Read more »

Federal Government GAO Bid Protest Lawyers in Washington DC

Deciding whether or not to file a protest at the Government Accountability Office (GAO) makes the difference in saving substantial business revenues or letting another bidder take advantage of the opportunity. However, there are other considerations for you to think about. Most important are  the procedural requirements to file. When finding a… Read more »

Government Contracting How To Increase Sales

Help to Increase Business Sales in Government Contracts Small businesses and large corporations are seeking to increase sales in federal government contracts. There is no secret that the federal government spends billions on the procurement of services and products.  As you decide to venture into the federal procurement marketplace, there… Read more »

False Claims Act and Subcontractor Liability

On the issue of False Claims Act liability, there are varying opinions about the liability of the main contractor for a subcontractor. The bottom line is that both prime contractors and independent contractors can be liable under the Federal False Claims Act.  The DOJ and various agency IG offices have… Read more »

Getting a Procurement FAR Debriefing Before Filing a Bid Protest

An agency post-award FAR part 8 debrief occurs when you have participated in bidding for government contracts awards and receive an unsuccessful offeror letter.  In your request,  the Agency should tell you about your proposal and provide you with important feedback. A common problem occurs when contractors guess incorrectly when… Read more »

Best Value Bid Protest : How to Attack Them

Launching a best value bid protest very common and among the most litigated cases before GAO. Oftentimes, agencies do not follow the solicitation’s requirements. However, to attack the agency’s actual evaluation needs an argument that is more than just a disagreement. Instead, attacking the best value evaluation requires a showing… Read more »