SBA Mentor Protege Program & SBA Joint Venture Rules 13 CFR 124.513 & 13 CFR 121.103

SBA Mentor Protege Agreement and Small Business SBA Joint Venture Rules have significant power when applied to submitting proposals for federal government contracts (13 CFR 124.513). However, there are still situations where small businesses can make serious legal mistakes and give up lucrative federal contracts as a result.  The following SBA OHA decisions show that small… Read more »

Small Business Set Asides

Avoid Costly Legal Mistakes When Challenging Small Business Set Aside Decisions by the Government In Bid Protests. Federal procurement law provides for very strict rules about small business set asides decisions. However, many contracting agencies may avoid the set aside rules. Meeting the set aside definition under procurements rules is… Read more »

Newly Organized Concern Rule & Affiliation Small Business Size Protests

Under the Newly Organized Concern Rule, when filing or defending an SBA Small Business Size Protest, government contractors must be aware of the nuances and landmines awaiting them. The newly organized concern rule consists of four required elements:   (1) the former officers, directors, principal stockholders, managing members, or key… Read more »

Technical Proposal Writing Mistakes in Government Contracts

Lack of Crucial Technical Proposal Writing Information Can Cost You the Contract Technical proposals that introduce involvement or parent companies will be heavily scrutinized by government contracting agencies. Even when you are proposing larger subcontractors you still have to meet certain proposal inclusions to get a favorable rating. There are… Read more »

teaming agreement requirements

How to Avoid Costly Teaming Agreement Mistakes in a Bid Protest When submitting a government proposal, you may choose to submit a teaming agreement to show evidence of relationships with another subcontractor. Yet, a question arises in a bid protest whether your teaming agreements were sufficiently evaluated by the Source Selection Authority (SSA). … Read more »

Hiring Incumbent Contractor Employees Under Executive Order 13495

Hiring incumbent contractor employees under Executive Order 13495 has become a hot topic when bidding on government contracts.  Contractors bidding for federal projects must avoid the painful mistakes seen too late at the bid protest stages. Although the rules allow you to hire existing contract incumbent employees, there are limitations.   If… Read more »

DOD Small Business Agreement & Government Contract Teaming Agreements

DOD small business agreements and contracts, especially teaming agreement contracts, are commonplace in today’s federal marketplace. Government DOD contracts get larger and more complex. Small companies cannot keep up with the increased resources that it takes to bid for and perform more major federal contracts. As a result, small businesses seek out other… Read more »