Ostensible Subcontractor Rule Primary and Vital Requirements

Ostensible Subcontractor Rule:  Primary and Vital Contract Requirements By Theodore P. Watson, Esq. and Cheryl E. Adams, Esq. Prime’s Management of the Project is Critical When your company bids on a federal government contract as a small business, prime contractor management of the project under the ostensible agreement is essential… Read more »

Filing Small Business SBA NAICS Codes Protests – Dos and Don’ts

Protesting the Small Business Administration SBA North American Industry Classification System (NAICs Codes) size standard for a government contract can be tricky when you try to qualify as small. This is especially true when there are differences between the amount of labor required and the overall cost of the contract. How Does… Read more »

FAR 52.219-14 Limitation of Subcontracting Rule Tips

Our Lawyers Help to Avoid Costly Mistakes Under the FAR 52.219-14 Limitations on Subcontracting Clause & 13 CFR 125.6 Are you a government contractor or a small business owner using teaming agreements and joint venture agreements? Do you know the consequences of violating FAR 52.219 Limitations on Subcontracting Rules? Avoid… Read more »

SBA Affiliation Rules Identity of Interest 13 CFR 121.103

Small Business Administration and SBA affiliation rules regarding identity of interest challenges can be complex and confusing when litigating in a small business size protest case. Governed under 13 CFR 121.103, affiliation in federal procurement and  SBA regulations can be found under a variety of circumstances. For example, a major… Read more »

SBA Small Business Size Protest Requirements

Avoid costly mistakes that can cost you tens of thousands in small business size protest litigation. Theodore P. Watson, Esq –  Government Contracts and SBA Bid Protest Lawyer According to the SBA small business size protest requirements, filing a bid protest against your competitor must be approached with caution. On… Read more »