Project Proposal Contract Evaluation Criteria In Bid Protest Cases

What is The Purpose of  Bid Proposal Evaluation Criteria? The purpose of the government’s proposal evaluation criteria is to give the agency’s evaluation team a way to determine which company has  submitted a  response to a solicitation that  best meets the Government’s stated needs.  Your contract evaluation criteria also results… Read more »

Government Proposal Writing Process and Procurement Proposal Basics

Federal contracting agencies typically start the government proposal writing process by having the end user involved in procurement planning. Here, each end user qualifies and quantifies their individual needs.  Mission essential requirements come first. If there is a budget for the requirements, the procurement process moves along. Depending on many procurement requirements,… Read more »

Difference Between a Government Bid Protest and a Contract Dispute

For government contractors, there are two primary mechanisms to address disputes related to federal government contracts: filing a government protest and filing a Contract Disputes Act (CDA) claim. While both processes aim to resolve disputes related to government contracts, they are distinct and differ in their procedures and outcomes. When… Read more »

Walking the Tightrope: Procurement Compliance and Over-Compliance

Striking a balance between conservatively following government contract regulations and allowing your business to run effectively without over-compliance is not an easy road to hoe. Whether your business’ procurement compliance program is non-existent and may result in government authority knocking at the door at any moment or is over-burdensome and… Read more »

Technical Proposal Evaluation Risk Evaluation in GAO Protest

Contractors frequently find that their technical proposal evaluation contained some level of error. A GAO protest can be sustained if you can show that the agency failed to reasonably evaluate your technical proposal writing risk in accordance with the terms of the solicitation. This aspect of filing can be tricky because… Read more »

Technical Proposal Writing and Important Bid Tender Approaches & Considerations

Importance of Your Technical Proposal Writing Approach When bidding on any federal government contract, your technical proposal writing approach generally carries the most weight. This section of the bid must detail your approach to various aspects of the solicitation’s requirements including staffing, understanding the requirements and providing detail that explains how you… Read more »

VA Service Disabled Veteran Owned SDVOSB Certification Requirements Bid Protest

Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business  / SDVOSB certification requirements) decisions for government contracts is becoming a hot item in bid protest litigation.  When it comes to Department of Veteran Affairs solicitations for SDVOSB Set Aside Contracts, government contracting agencies sometimes fail to follow statutory requirements for market research.  When… Read more »