Technical Proposal Writing Mistakes in Government Contracts

Lack of Crucial Technical Proposal Writing Information Can Cost You the Contract Technical proposals that introduce involvement or parent companies will be heavily scrutinized by government contracting agencies. Even when you are proposing larger subcontractors you still have to meet certain proposal inclusions to get a favorable rating. There are… Read more »

Technical Bid Proposal Writing

Avoid Costly Mistakes With the Technical Proposal Writing Nuances in Government Contracts When you engage in technical proposal writing for federal bids, one of the first things to consider is that federal procurement law requires that an agency’s evaluation of proposals must show a reasonable assessment of contractors’ ability to successfully perform the contract requirements…. Read more »

Government Construction Claims and Appeals

When submitting federal government construction claims or appeals, the result usually lies in your justification for the claim, whether you met the Contract Disputes Act requirements and whether there was actually a contracting officer’s final decision. In addition, when submitting a differing site condition for a construction claim, the Federal Claims Court… Read more »

Undisclosed Independent Government Cost Estimate

Can the agency use an undisclosed independent government cost estimate (IGCE FAR) to evaluate your proposal?  Take a more meaningful approach hen challenging the government contract price estimations and source selection methods. In previous GAO bid protest rulings, it has made it clear that an agency must give enough information… Read more »

Government Bid Proposal Writer: A Tool for Success in Business

Securing a qualified bid proposal writer when responding to Federal Government RFPs can be a great investment if they understand the procurement process and what it takes to actually win.  As many small to medium-sized companies look into securing government contracts, they do so without the benefit of a capture management or… Read more »

Internal Corporate Investigations

Internal corporate investigations allow you to conduct a self-assessment of managers, supervisors, and your employees to comply with state and federal laws in addition to your internal policies and controls. When you conduct internal corporate investigations, you should be looking to gather facts so if the Department of Justice (DOJ),… Read more »

Contract Attorneys – How Can They Help?

Contract attorneys should  help you to anticipate problems and be able to draft proper terms or advise you on whether or not to execute the contract or even what constitutes a breach of contract. For example, when you are starting a new business, many entrepreneurs decide to draft contracts from the… Read more »