Discrimination in the Workplace For Employers & Government Contractors

Discrimination in the Workplace — Practices to Avoid When it comes to employer discrimination in the workplace, government contractors are subjected to strict compliance with workplace discrimination laws. Your contract contains specific statutory language to that effect. Therefore, especially for larger contractors, you must ensure that your supervisors are familiar with the laws… Read more »

Understanding the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)

  (Failure to Understand the Basics Can Cost You Hundreds of Thousands in Litigation or Criminal Liability? What are the Federal Acquisition Regulations ( FAR)? The  Federal Acquisition Regulations ( FAR) are codified in Title 48 of the United States Code of Federal Regulations. It is issued pursuant to the Office of Federal… Read more »

Foreign Corrupt Practices FCPA Penalties

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Penalties for government contractors that have violated the FCPA can be embarrassing and can expose you to media coverage and other negative publicity. Understanding the extent of your liability can trigger the necessary in-house actions that can minimize your exposure. In recent years, the U.S. government has increased its focus on… Read more »

Proposal Writing and Government Contracts Training for Contractors

Government Contracts  and Proposal Writing Training For Companies Seeking to Avoid Costly Mistakes and to Increase Company Revenues. Watson & Associates provide proactive government contracts training for companies across the United States. Review our training classes and seminars. Seats are limited. Register for our Proposal Writing Training Classes. Contact a… Read more »

Federal Government Procurement Process

The DOD and Federal Government Procurement Process in Federal Contracting in the United States means the method and purchasing process by which government agencies buy goods and services.  When it comes to government contracts, the federal government is in the business of buying commercial products and services. How it goes… Read more »

Getting on GSA Schedule – Application Process

Understand the GSA Schedule Application Process and Whether it is a Good Business Decision As a government contractor, you want to first make sure that getting on a GSA schedule is in your best interest. Not all GSA Schedules generate substantial profits for every business. The first piece of advice… Read more »

Green Procurement Program Policy — Proposal Writing Tip & Guidelines

A proposal writing tip to consider is that the federal government has taken an interest in mobilizing its Green Procurement Program Policy as a measure to improve the environment. As government contractors, you should seriously consider the guidelines, benefits and visibility that you can achieve in your proposal writing efforts. … Read more »

FAR Small Business Subcontracting Plan Requirements

It is common practice in federal government proposal writing process for you to meet FAR small business subcontracting plan requirements (FAR 52.219-9)or, in the most recent cases, small business participation plans. The question is how do you write one that withstands bid protest scrutiny or potentially gets higher scores than your… Read more »

Government Proposal Templates – Avoid Costly Mistakes

A substantial amount of contractors look to find quick and easy government proposal templates on the Internet when responding to government solicitations. However, there has been at least one GAO case where the government stated that the proposal template used did not mirror the solicitation requirements. Using templated responses increase… Read more »